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iOS / iPhone App Development

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Your mobile app is a winner. Make sure it performs well.

Unique, white-labelled mobile apps for business that blend closely into your style & brand. Mobile apps are high-quality, cloud powered, native / hybrid, offline & serve dynamic data.

Quick and affordable - We Plan, create attractive, functional and intuitive user interfaces & develop your mobile app from our pre-tested components employing platform functionalities to reach high quality.

We understand devices, leverage its functionalities, screen sizes and technical features to the full extent. Rootsquare's built mobile app comes with solutions to unique challenges with myriad operating systems, devices, various display sizes and unique features.

iOS Compatible

Rootsquare is one of the optimum mobile app development company in India. We provide iOS Mobile App development which are compatible for any iPhone, ipad etc.

Professional Design and Development

Rootsquare is having its optimal expertisers which provide professional design and development with no doubt.

Technical Support and Improvement

Rootsquare Technologies, with years of experiences, provide unbeatable technical supprot (24*7) with the improved mobile app with latest technology.



Rootsquare Technologies (RST) has dedicated CoE (Centers of Excellence) around all major mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Our mobility CoE empowers businesses to become more productive and gain a competitive advantage through meaningful and world-class mobile apps for global clients. Our mobile applications are designed to offer a rich UI design and unparalleled user experience.

Now a days, RST is serving enterprise customers from different industry including Telecom, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Retail, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Government agencies and more, including Fortune Global 500 companies and top listed companies in India, Malaysia, Dubai, UK, Africa and Singapore.

If you still wonder why you should choose Rootsquare Technologies to develop your mobile app, below are the few more reasons:

  • Multi-industry experienced company
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority
  • We promise you a staggering experience
  • Cost Effective
  • Optimize mobile app performace
  • You'll be working with the best of brains, handpicked to form teams that build products with highest standard possible.
  • Significant reduction in maintenance costs
  • Fast track release of programs and enhancements
  • Knowledge transfer via tool based reverse engineering
  • Sync with industry trends
  • Various testing techniques
  • Flexible Engagement Models


Apple is known for it's beautiful & sleek design. Mobile apps on the iOS platform need to have a stunning UI. We create enchanting application for iOS.

Rootsquare is a leading iOS app development company in Jaipur, India. Our skilled & highly talented mobile app developers use the most advanced technology and works hand in hand with clients and their requirements to deliver trendy & advanced iOS apps in a collaborative style at cost effective prices.

We develop trend setting iOS apps for your business needs to connect directly with the customers. Stay ahead of competition by being the first one to attract the attention of customers. Get engaged directly with them through the popular platform of iOS. We can help you create unique iOS apps that boast of a variety of features.

Rootsquare fuses the latest technology with innovative strategies to develop revolutionary iPhone & ipad applications and our team guide you through the app development process right from the initial stage of discovery of project requirements till release and submission to the App Store, Spelling out the functions, performance, security strength, offline capability and interoperability. Such apps will surely lead you to higher business growth and connect you to more customers. Moreover, we focus on maintaining quality as per the most strict international guidelines of quality.


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