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Unique, white-labeled mobile apps for business that blend closely into your style & brand. Mobile apps are high-quality, cloud powered, native / hybrid, offline & serve dynamic data. Quick and affordable - We Plan, create attractive, functional and intuitive user interfaces & develop your mobile app from our pre-tested components employing platform functionalities to reach high quality. We understand devices, leverage its functionalities, screen sizes and technical features to the full extent. Rootsquare's built mobile app comes with solutions to unique challenges with myriad operating systems, devices, various display sizes and unique features.

Android & iOS Compatible

Rootsquare is one of the optimum mobile app development company in India. We provide React Native Mobile App development which are compatible for any Android phone or iPhone, iPad, tablets etc.

Professional Design and Development

Rootsquare is having its optimal expertisers which provide professional design and development with no doubt.

Technical Support and Improvement

Rootsquare Technologies, with years of experiences, provide unbeatable technical supprot (24*7) with the improved mobile app with latest technology.

React Native



After the seperation of mobile platforms in Android / iOS etc, businesses look forward to develop cross-platform or hybrid mobile app for balancing the need for a high-quality, engaging app that works on both Android and iOS, reduce financial and operation cost to build and maintain two separate code bases for each platform. React Native is a technology that fulfill all these requirements, providing an opportunity for businesses to develop a mobile app once and run it across android and iOS platforms with easiness and features of a native app.

React Native, created by Facebook, is a milestone to businesses focusing on a cross-platform app strategy for the ability to build cross-platform native apps with only one code base (and run across multiple platforms with little modification), written in a widely adopted language such as Javascript and leverages the same platform components that a traditional native iOS or Android app written in native languages such as Swift or Java does. Now a days, React Native has been most popular amongst app developers due to similarities with ReactJS web based programming framework and has been used to build some of the most popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, UberEats etc. Prior to starting on a cross-platform app development, every business should focus to React Native technology to build apps as it saves the huge efforts with minimal trade off to user experience.

The real competitive edge using this technology is much-improved speeds and efficiency in mobile app development at lowered costs.



React Native provide the following specific advantages to businesses:

  • React native leverages the exact same capabilities and user experience as traditional native app. React Native apps are native apps!
  • Single Codebase and Reusable Code: One code repository that can run on Android and iOS with minor customization required for each platform where approx. 70% of a React Native’s code base can be shared across Android and iOS so Low Developmental Cost compared to native development approach
  • Pre-Built Components: An open-source community of shared knowledge and external integrations (perbuilt components) that are already developed and easily accessible. The development process considerably speeds up as in many cases written code for specific functions needed for the app development already exists in the library and can be used for free.
  • Shared programming model with the popular ReactJS web programming language makes it easy for experienced ReactJS web developers to transition to native app development.
  • Faster Time-to-Market because of expedited development and maintenance process
  • Synchronous API: React Native makes it possible to sync APIs with its JavaScript foundational layer.
  • Fast Performance: React Native app developers have the opportunity to combine the framework with Native languages to achieve superior performance.
  • Smooth Development: Features like Easy use of Native codes, hot Reloading (developer don’t need to reload app manually to see changes and thus saves time), and Hassle-free states management makes working in React Native smooth.
  • Simple UI: User Interfaces of React Native apps are not only more responsive but also have quicker load times, providing a smoother experience.
  • Modular Architecture: The intuitive modules in React Native’s architecture allow developers the flexibility to update or upgrade applications easily. Additionally, the reuse of modules that work across mobile and web APIs speeds up the development process.
  • Shorter Learning Curve: The ease of learning and readability of React Native, which is based on the language fundamental, makes it an easy platform even for React native app developers who aren’t experienced in working with JavaScript.
  • Rootsquare Mobile App Development

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    Best React Native App Development Company in India

    Rootsquare is having skilled development team in all complex React Native app development to offer best value by providing quality solutions that exceed expectations for clients investment. We help startups and Fortune 500 companies aim higher and achieve the impossible.

    React Native, one of the latest offerings from Facebook, is well adopted across the industry due to an improved user experience, shorter development time leading to faster time to market and improved return on investment. We were early adopters of React Native and continue to be huge fans of the React framework. We have very likely released more React Native apps than almost anyone. We are always looking to develop the best innovatively designed cross-platform mobile apps using React Native approach.

    Our Web Apps developers are experts in bringing React’s considerable strengths to bear for our clients to reach their business objectives on both Android and iOS platforms. Our experiences deploying large-scale React applications and developing a shared and battle-tested toolkit of components have positioned us as thought leaders in the space. We help businesses excel in delivering memorable UX, faster launch, and cost effective solution. We’re continuing to innovate new ways of using the game-changing set of tools associated with React, including pioneering development work on React Native. The trending framework clubbed with its synchronous API, JS powered performance, and effortless development allows us to build your Android and iOS apps simultaneously while saving up on your time and cost.

    We help you shape the mobile strategy, design full-spectrum products and build the mobile apps, user experience and interface design, and technology implementation. Together, we create a mobility system that satisfies the implicit needs of your customers and organization—one that serves in the present and scales for the future.


    HIRE React developer

    Hire React Native Developer

    Engage Rootsquare Technologies for React Native App Development

    • Our expert React Native app developers help you Reduce the overall mobile app development time with our single reusable code.
    • Our expertise in React Native app development helps you implement complex solutions at a fast pace.
    • Use of our open source and reusable project architecture saves cost.
    • Provide the ease of mobile app development to enhance your market share.
    • Straight from ideation to maintenance, we make React Native an inherent part of our app development project
    • Full Cycle Product Development
    • From helping our clients decide to develop an app that works seamlessly on all the platforms, where their prospective users are, we use all the React Native factors to their full potential. It doesn't end there. We keep working on the app, even after it has been launched to ensure that it is enjoyed by its users.
    • Increase user acquisition
    • Offer a utility service
    • Provide an informational platform
    • Enable greater customer lifetime value
    • Give greater control to workflow environment
    • Enable fully-digital workplaces
    • Provide employee access to key information
    • Company Devoted Team
    • Industry Standard Experience
    • Strategic Technology Approach

    Our specialists are growth oriented, constantly looking for new challenges and regularly coming up with innovative solutions. The popularity of React Native among both developers and our clients gives us great incentive to keep expanding our capacity in the company. When entrusting us with your project, you’re guaranteed up-to-date skill set, innovative approach and in-house specialists to see your application through to completion and beyond.

    React Native languages & frameworks


    • Navigation
    • Middleware
    • Testing
    • Forms
    • JavaScript, TypeScript
    • Lodash, Ramda, Moment.js
    • Utilities
    • Networking
    • App State
    • Bundle
    • React Navigation
    • Redux Thunk, Redux Saga, Redux Observable
    • Axios, Contentful, Apollo, GraphQL
    • Jest, Enzyme, Chai, Mocha
    • Redux
    • Redux Forms
    • Webpack
    • Firebase (Fabric)
    • React Hooks


    • Configuration
    • Pub/Sub Messaging
    • App frameworks
    • App Server
    • AWS, Rackspace, Heroku
    • Chef, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes
    • gRPC, RabbitMQ
    • PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, Elasticsearch
    • Nginx
    • Puma
    • Rails, Trailblazer, Hanami, RSpec
    • Server
    • Databases
    • Hosting


    We take delight in performing mobile wonders. Rootsquare has the team of talented and expert React JS or React Native developers, designers and marketing experts with a reputation for getting things done.


    Mobile App Consulting
    Our skilled React Native app developers follow a systematic approach to develop apps for clients. We start our approach by understanding the client’s product goals, based on which we prepare a product roadmap and plan a strategy to optimize the cross-platform build so that the apps resemble and perform like native apps.

    Premiere React Native App Developers
    Rootsquare provides top-notch React Native based iOS and Android apps solutions, covering intuitive UI design, cross-platform app development services using the Native javascript library as well as customization. Our team's thorough knowledge of React Native API Library, Components, functions and cutting-edge solutions assist businesses to launch their apps in quick time.

    Advanced Development Approach
    With a team that’s battle-tested in the most complex projects, we stay on top of all the latest developments and emerging technologies to ensure our clients get the best solutions.

    Mobile App Migration
    We help our customers to improve the UX / UI of their legacy mobile apps through re-engineering or migration or revamp to React Native platform. Our React Native app developers are experienced in developing solutions to modernize mobile applications to make them deliver on performance and user experience.

    MVP Development for Your Great Ideas
    MVP is great to test out your bigger ideas. React Native development is perfect for creating powerful MVP solutions with high-performance functionality that save you ample amount of time and money.

    Personalized Services For Maximum results
    As expert mobile app developers, we set the bar for our solutions at the ultimate high. We have your best interests at the core of our efforts. Using our React Native Development Process, we help get your ideas reach the market faster.

    Server Side APIs for Powerful Mobile Apps
    Solid and reliable backend support ensures a smooth user experience. Our React Native Developers provide you ultra-secure and adaptable server-side APIs to avail all the benefits of quality mobile apps.

    Satisfactory Support & Maintenance
    Apps with bugs / issues can damage your reputation. Throughout the development process and beyond, your React Native team will keep your app fully functional, regularly updated, tested and bug-free. We guarantees the same people who created your app will maintain and support it throughout its lifecycle. With our React Native app development services, the maintenance & support of your apps is never far away. We believe in long-lasting business relations with our client.


    We deliver the best value for your business by employing resources with years of experience in the industry.


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